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A collection of face masks that help protect you and your loved ones. Shop around for YOUR deal!

COVID-19 Protection

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Mondmaskers voor in het openbaar vervoer, publieke binnenruimtes of gewoon op het werk.

Stay aware,
Limit spread

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Webshop voor Medische mondkapjes.

Our medical face masks are made to be used by everyone!

The medical masks meet the production standards for the medical industry. This allows everyone to benefit from the best protection and with a medical face mask you limit the spread of the virus! Because the medical face masks are packed in a bag of 10, they are ideal to take with you on vacation or for business trips!
Various holiday destinations have made the wearing of face masks mandatory. Not wearing a face mask can, in many cases, lead to heavy fines. In addition to being fined, the social importance aspect is the most important on this subject of face masks. It will never be able to protect you 100%, but with the medical face masks from DGMondmaskers you have the best protection values. Finally, wearing a medical face mask is in the interest of everyone in this corona epidemic. DG medical masks are available day and night for your safety and the appropriate medical face masks. Visit our shop now!

medische mondkapjes
medische mondkapjes

The difference between medical face masks from DGMondmaskers and other face masks.

You have probably seen it, all those nice prints on a face mask. This might be nice for your outfit, but do they also offer good protection? Face masks with a print are often no more than a piece of fabric that hardly stops virus particles. A virus can spread via large and small droplets (aerosols). The face masks with a print only stop the largest drops, but only a bit. This is why experts call this “fake protection”. Our KN-95 and FFP2 medical face masks have a filter efficiency of atleast 95%; this means they also stop the smallest drops and virus particles! 

So do not hesitate and go for optimal protection with a medical face mask!

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